Launched in 1994, The Taverner supplies informed and authoritative information for the restaurant, pub, club and tavern industries in South
Africa. The Taverner is electronically distributed to owner/managers of
pubs, taverns, bars, sports and social clubs as well as restaurants.
Electronic copies are distributed to wholesale liquor outlets dealing
specifically with the trade and are also made available to various
tavern associations, including SALTA, and their members
throughout the country. Circulation is 3 500.

Click any of the headings left and the relevant supplier database
will appear. Under "Food", you can also access our extensive
Ingredients Library. Under "Beverages" you will soon
be able to locate more than 350 cocktail recipes.

The Taverner - your one-stop information source.

Editorial contributions should be
submitted to kg@hospitalityforum.co.za
All information is archived for a 12-month period.
Venue operators are invited to submit their
latest news to news@hospitalityforum.co.za

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